Karolina Szymanowska in her artistic strategy often uses terms aptly illustrating collective and individual psychological processes. The subtle shifts in her works can be felt intuitively – the oneiric objects, films and installations are based on what is already internalised, but often not yet conscious.

The loss of stability in life, the ubiquity of death or isolation force us to face our fragility and make fear, loneliness and powerlessness felt unexpectedly close. How are these phenomena defined in the language of psychology? How does the artist herself use them? Does art have the potential to familiarise us with them?

During the conversation with Cveta Dimitrova, a psychotherapist, and Joanna Kobyłt, the curator of the exhibition Wave, we will try to grasp the meaning of these elusive states, often felt “underneath the skin”, both from an individual perspective and more broadly – as social phenomena.
Cveta Dimitrova is a philosopher, psychotherapist and co-founder (with Justyna Dworczyk) of the Konteksty. Miejsce Psychoterapii psychotherapy centre, where she works with adults. Together with Tomasz Stawiszyński, she runs the psychotherapy and philosophy podcast Our Internal Conflicts on radio TOK FM.

Joanna Kobyłt is an art historian and critic, author of texts, curator of the MWW collection and of exhibitions, including Karolina Szymanowska’s Wave, which is currently on show.

Moderated by: Anna Krukowska
The event accompanies Karolina Szymanowska’s exhibition Wave.
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