The world all around us is changing very quickly and so are museums. New functions dedicated for entertainment are joining the traditional ones such as exhibiting works, maintaining pieces of art, doing researches or educating an audience. Museums are more and more often focusing not only on preparing exhibitions and presenting them to their guests, they also let audience spend time in a pleasant way not necessarily learning about art or history. They are trying to be friendly and brave: they pay attention to different recipients, they deal with culture in the broad sense of the word realizing that the culture is yet very elitist; they propose new ideas for future and enter in a dialogue with the present. However, Poles are not eager to maintain a dialogue with museums. According to the data from “Social Diagnosis” (2011) 44% of households claim no need in visiting a museum or an exhibition.

Are museum really necessary – and if yes – for whom? Apart from visiting what can you do there? Has the expression “like in a museum” become out-of-date or is it only an impression of employees in such institutions?