Taking the works presented at the exhibition
as examples, we will discuss inter alia topics such
as autobiographicality in art: what it is and how we can define it, as well as the popularity of the phenomena
of works that are based on different forms
of a personal document.
We will try to trace the beginnings of this trend, think about its causes and investigate what needs
of recipients (viewers / readers) are satisfied
by this aspect?
We are also going to explore specific forms that autobiographicality takes in art and how do they differ from the self-portrait (and if making such difference is justified at all?).
Another thread to follow will be differences between and common places for the art of image and the art
of word, as considered in the context of the topic
in question.
We are also going to take up the gender question:
do male and female authors use autobiographicality differently? What is the reception of such
thread in male and female authors like? Is it evaluated differently depending on the author’s gender?
Last but not least, an important topic will be the trap
of falling into biography, that is translating art through one’s biography. What are the relationships between art and the author’s life?