We would like to invite you to a meeting with new media artists: Michael Joyce, Zuzana Husárova and L’ubomír Panák, who are going to visit Wrocław in connection with the conference “Literary Margins and Digital Media http://goo.gl/D5PMb6 organised by Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Wrocław and the Faculty of Philology of Wrocław University.
Michael Joyce and Zuzana Husárova are two authors representing different generations, cultures and aesthetics, who are connected by their desire to reveal the archetypes of literary communication in a hybrid post-media landscape of mixed worlds, genres and the roles of sender and recipient. Both of them began their new media experiments with hypertexts with the classic, remediating gesture, in which some of the old medium’s features, such as the relative stability of the word and the author’s one-directional message, strongly influenced the digital result. It soon turned out, however, that being a new media poet/writer means abandoning the word as the sole carrier of artistic message.

The word must become an “expression” in the original meaning of the term: a unit of utterance that includes movement, image, sound, interaction within a preprogrammed framework, and which situates the body within these set (and preprogrammed) frameworks.

The meeting with the authors will be an opportunity to outline the history of literature’s interaction with the new media, to pose questions about the future, and to try to redefine the “marginality” and relations between the peripheries and the centre.

Michael Joyce is an American author who wrote the first hypertext novel afternoon, a story, which has been translated into Polish by Radosław Nowakowski and Mariusz Pisarski and published by Ha!art http://goo.gl/vfVLst. Joyce is an icon of electronic literature, although every now and then he returns to traditional literature. In Wrocław, he will talk about his newest book Foucault, in Winter, in the Linnaeus Garden (2015).
Zuzana Husárová and L’ubomír Panák are a duo of Slovakian artists who have been cooperating for several years on artistic projects using digital technologies. In their podcast preparing for the LMDM conference http://techsty.art.pl/?p=1714, they discuss the poetics of the new media. During the MWW meeting, the artists will present one of their digital-poetic performances.