Through the ditches with a rifle / I wouldn’t  have run / I wouldn’t have given you Poland/ any of my blood

Maria Peszek is singing those words without being called to reach a rifle. The calling seems also unlikely to happen in the future.

What is the modern patriotism if not the readiness to fight literally? Love for the country sounds outdated enough and any references to national unity may be associated with nationalism. What does it mean today: to be a Pole? Why only “true Poles” seem to be proud of Poland and why the rest of them simply aren’t?

“I am taking a tram to war, a tram with a compartment “only for Germans” – Lao Che is singing this song taking us far in time to  the World War II. Where are we heading now on the tram called “patriotism”? It is something that the participants are going to talk about during the discussion taking place on 15.11. 2012 in Wrocław Contemporary Museum.

The discussion is going to be led by PhD Anna Wiatr (a sociologist and a researcher)