On Friday, 10 December at 12.30 pm, we invite you to a meeting with artist Ada Zielińska, whose works are currently showing at the exhibition Frutti di Mare, and Paweł Bąkowski, the curator of the presentation.

Link to the registration form for people willing to participate in the meeting in person (pl).

The meeting will be broadcast live on facebook.com/muzeumwspolczesne.

Ada Zielińska by using the elements of pop culture jigsaw at Frutti di Mare project creates situations in which her father becomes a hero. The strategy employed by Zielińska results in a nightmarish vision, in which the artist can analyse from afar her fears connected with loneliness, losing her loved ones or lack of control over her situation. However, she can do so not as a participant in the events, but as their director, which allows her to test her own reactions and find out how much she can withstand.

More information about the exhibition.