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The 50th anniversary of the Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium is an opportunity to reflect on this event with a group of people who have experienced it in various ways over the decades.

The discussion will be an intergenerational exchange of views from the perspective of the organisers and participants of the Symposium (Prof. Zbigniew Makarewicz, Prof. Jarosław Kozłowski), art historians whose reflections have largely shaped our understanding of this event (Prof. Luiza Nader, Dr Paweł Polit) and a Wrocław-based artist and activist who was one of the initiators of celebrating the anniversary of the Symposium (Kuba Żary).

Moderator: Dr Marika Kuźmicz.
This debate is part of the public programme accompanying the New Normativity exhibition. Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund, financed from surcharges for the games under state monopoly, in accordance with art. 80(1) of the Act on Gambling of 19 November 2009.

The exhibition is part of the Wrocław 70/20 Symposium – a grassroots programme celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium.