The presentation will concern the international art platform AADK Spain, which develops projects based on the contemporary practices of experiments and artistic creation, and one of the main designers of the platform – the Centro Negra artist residency in Blanca, Spain (the region of Murcia).

A film titled “730 Dias” (“730 Days”) will be screened. It documents the works created during the first two years of Centro Negra’s functioning.
director: Abraham Hurtado; production: Pablo López Jordán; duration: 30 min

Centro Negra is an innovative and socially engaged platform for conducting experiments in art. It is intended to provide a space for tests and actions concerning issues connected with the body, territory, and relations with space.

AADK Spain is a venue where artists and theoreticians working at the intersection of art, sociology and local communities studies can reflect and work.
By combining these issues with the context of the venue, AADK Spain favours the decentralisation of culture and increases the availability of contemporary art in the periphery by selecting the village of Blanca as the integral part of its functioning.

AADK Spain cooperates with an international network of partners in order to promote the projects created by the participants of the Centro Negra residency programme. These presentations often exceed the traditional format of art exhibitions.