The meeting will summarise the art-research project “VOID”, which accompanied MIASTOmovie:wro#3, and present the subject of the next edition of the festival that will be devoted to urban identity.

Within the “VOID” project, curators Anka Bieliz and Kuba Żary invited the recipients to co-create a story about void in the city. The project focuses on gaps that stubbornly exist in a limbo state between the “entire” Breslau and the “complete” Wrocław. Artists inspired by spatial voids in other parts of Poland will take part in the final debate with the curators. The guests will include Karolina Grzywnowicz, the initiator of the “Weeds” project >>>, and Karol Piekarski of Medialab Katowice, who runs the research workshop “Old Town Pulse” >>>. The meeting will concentrate on the practices of cleansing places of meanings, symbols and objects that make up their identity. The starting point will be the question of how to build a new identity of a place that has lost its vital elements in the wake of various historical processes. The event will be accompanied by the promotion of a publication summarising the “VOID” project.