Wrocław Contemporary Museum invites you to a discussion on the changes in the fans’ movement.

The starting point for the conversation is Marcin Dudek’s exhibition The Crowd Man.

Moderated by anthropologist dr. Piotr Małczyński, the discussion will be devoted to the changes in the environment of Polish football fans, from the period of political transformation to modern times. Among the problems raised by the participating practitioners will be the commercialisation and politicisation of the stands as well as the inclusive or exclusive character of football fans’ communities. The transformation in the world of football will lead to a reflection on social changes in a broad context.

Jacek Purski
Institute of Social Security,

Karolina Szumska
president of AKS Zły football club in Warsaw,

Piotr Waśniewski
president of WKS Śląsk football club,

— Moderator
dr Piotr Małczyński: Ethnological Association of Wrocław.