We would like to invite you to the last meeting devoted to the most recent survey of the quality of life in Wrocław, which was conducted by researchers of the Faculty of Sociology of Wrocław University with the support of the municipal authorities. During the series of three debates at Wrocław Contemporary Museum we are looking at a selection of problems raised by the diagnosis in order to discuss the current condition of the city.

This meeting is intended to think about the factors influencing Wrocław dwellers’ satisfaction with the housing environment. What are the challenges and problems in this area? Are there any alternatives to renting a flat or taking out a mortgage, and if so – what are they? Finally, what did the social and spatial organisation of housing estates and complexes look like during the period of modernism in communist Poland? The debate will also provide an opportunity to discuss the role of estate councils and the need for public consultations and needs analyses in shaping the housing environment.

Dr Iwona Borowik
co-author of the Diagnosis, Faculty of Sociology of Wrocław University

Joanna Klima
Szczepin estate councillor, member of Akcja Miasto

Mikołaj Smoleński
architect, SOFFT lab, CH+ architects

Dr Agnieszka Zabłocka-Kos
architecture historian, Faculty of Art History of Wrocław University