Wrocław Citizen Budget 2015 is 20 million zlotys, 79 winning projects and 168,278 votes cast.

What do these numbers actually represent? Who are the people who entered the successful projects? How did they act and mobilise their supporters? What changes in Wrocław community does the Citizen Budget bring about? What works well and what needs improvement? What should the next year’s edition be like?

Wrocław Contemporary Museum and Wrocław City Forum would like to invite you to participate in a meeting summarising this year’s edition of WCB. Together with invited guests, we are going to conduct a social evaluation of this project.

The guests will include Bartłomiej Świerczewski – Head of the Citizen Participation Office of Wrocław Municipality Office, Piotr Szymański – a representative of the www.mojobywatelski.pl website, and leaders of selected projects.

Moderators: Bartek Lis and Tadeusz Mincer