In his review for “Gazeta Wyborcza” daily, Karol Sienkiewicz described “Labor Relations” as the most important exhibition in Wrocław in 2016. Since it opened in June 2016, it has been seen by almost 20 thousand viewers. The works featured in it come from Wrocław Contemporary Museum’s international collection of contemporary art and revolve around a number of issues, from the most straightforward subjects concerning industry to threads connected with colonialism, capitalism, neoliberalism and private (domestic) subordination of our bodies and minds.

A little less than a month before the display is over, we are going to meet with Sylwia Serafinowicz, the curator of MWW’s collection and of the exhibition. We will ask her about the details of the narrative that she presents, the selection of works and about her impressions of working with MWW’s collection.