The meeting will take the form of a discussion between Katarzyna Wiśniewska, a blind student of law at the University of Wrocław and Kamil Pietrowiak, a postgraduate student of ethnology at the UWr who is beginning his ethnographic research on the life of blind youth. The questions discussed by the interlocutors will be related to the possibilities and limits of mutual understanding between those who are blind and those who don’t suffer from blindness as well as the issues of cognition and commuting that they encounter. An important matter will be the variety of the strategies thanks to which blind people can function in the language and world of those who can see, and also the ways of perceiving their lives in regards of the disability, the lack, being different. One of the discussed subjects will be the way and quality of perceiving the visual arts by people with no sight as well as the availability and usefulness of the means which are to facilitate and improve said perception and quality. After the core part of the discussion there will be time for questions or remarks, any of which could appear, from the audience.