At the end of 2014, a book titled “Profession: Curator” (“Zawód: kurator”) was published by the Arsenal City Gallery. The editors (Marta Kosińska, Karolina Sikorska, Anna Czaban) wrote in the introduction:

“Many practitioners in the Polish field of art would gladly substitute the term ‘curator’ with a different one, for instance: critic, promoter, activist, artist. Perhaps we have been so deeply disappointed with this term that we are tempted to make this issue the main subject of the book? Thus it is no accident that the material we have gathered is characterised by a certain duality: it is analytically charged, but at the same time it provides the reader with data that must be critically analysed by the readers themselves. The book captures two historical registers at the same time: the narratives of causative subjects in the field of Polish art, accompanied by their reconstructions of events, and an already historicised form of curatorial discourse.”

The subject of curating in Poland will be discussed by four practitioners: Anna Szyłak, Piotr Lisowski, Anna Borowiec and Karolina Sikorska, who is one of the editors of the book.