17th of June there will be a special event held at Wrocław Contemporary Museum. Its title is “Zines — the (il)luxurious magazines” and it will involve a discussion on zines as a form of a creative expression and a performative action entitled “LUXUS imprinting for money on materials”.

In the context of the “LUXUS Magazine” exhibition we invite you to a meeting, during which we will deal with zines – independent , niche publications, published in third-sort circulation. Self-published, created on a bottom-up basis, usually with a low number of copies, zines are often a medium for communication and exchange of thoughts in counter-cultural circles. They stand aside, or more often in opposition to the current aesthetics, and challenge officially propagated ideas. They give freedom to exchange controversial, uncomfortable or unpopular thoughts, dressed in an appropriately unruly form.

Together with the curators of this exhibition, theoreticians and experts in this subject, we will examine zines through the prism of an artwork. What visual language does artistic alternative press apply? In what ways does the artistic form of zines translate into the conveyed message? Does the status of an art object gained by these publications allow us already to refer to them as collectibles?

Starting with our native field of publications created by the legendary Wroclaw LUXUS group a few decades ago, we will broaden the spectre of our considerations with the international scene of anarchist independent prints and the present status of this scene.

During the meeting, members of the Luxus will imprint their original templates on materials prepared by themselves and on the objects brought by the participants (price of each imprint will be negotiable). Preference will begiven to flat surfaces such as T-shirts, plates, boxes, papers, etc.

Participants of the discussion: Anna Mituś, Adam Moryc, Piotr Stasiowski, Michał Woliński. The meeting will be led by Alicja Grabarczyk.