About autobiographic treads in the works of Iwona Zając and artistic output of Ewa Skibińska.
Do the possible worlds for women exists within
the space of the real world or can they happen only within fiction? And then if so, is not fiction the most important carrier of the narrative development about women?
By writing fiction women enact themselves;
they act-up themselves and depict themselves,
but also –what is crucial – they establish this way
of expression, the form of which is a form of question that continually re-appears in culture: what is that
a woman does while doing whatever?
There is theatre and art which focuses on explaining itself. The form of art that is most capacious
and useful for itself: it mostly takes the shape
of an improvisation. Fully scribbled notebooks usually reveal also all dilemmas of women writing them,
who channel a lot of energy to this overt authobiographism.
A project, draft, diary or play creates the ground
for a life which is possible, yet so often absent
on an everyday basis.