Kamila Kamińska has conducted a study in Wroclaw’s Nadodrze, which resulted with a book widely discussing the issues of revitalization of this district. During the meeting we will think what “revitalization” really is, what it should be about (because it is not only about the façade’s renewal) and whether art can be a successful tool in its execution. We will also try to answer the question what “city pedagogics” is and how it should be used, also in other districts – eg. Szczepin. Does a shelter at Strzegomski sq. have its role to play in this process?? Join us in a journey from
Nadodrze to Szczepin.

We have a free copy of the book by Kamila Kamińska – “Life after life of tenements. About the
revitalization of Nadodrze” for the first ten participants.