Kama Sokolnicka will lead the last guided tour of her exhibition Glare, which will take place on Thursday, 3 March at 6 p.m.
Registration is required (until 2 March, 4 p.m.) via the registration form, link to the registration form (pl).

The pandemic rules apply during the tour, link to recommendations.
Glare is Kama Sokolnicka’s project dedicated especially to the austere space of the air raid shelter housing Wrocław Contemporary Museum. Shown in a building deprived of natural light, the arrangement of the exhibition consists of new objects and installations focused around the concept of glare and reflected light, also in the broad context of the impact of solar energy on the life of our planet.

Kama Sokolnicka’s creative practice is based on montage as a conceptual process. The artist’s works are semantic constellations consisting of selected points; tracing them provokes further associations and references. Multilevel narratives and references that draw on each other create a visual essay on the importance of light as a natural, not only human, need and Earth’s future in the context of the climate emergency. By referring to social psychology and the functioning of the subject, the artist has created austere yet formally diverse works, which result from careful observation of the proportions and impact of human activity on Earth.
More information about the exhibition, link.