Wrocław Contemporary Museum and Drawing Triennial Wrocław 2019 invite you to the last guided tour of the exhibition Borderline, curated by Stach Szabłowski.

Borderline is devoted to the imaginary, speculative and creationist aspect of the art of drawing. The concept of a borderline, which, apart from referring to personality disorders, can describe a basic drawing figure – the line delineating the border between drawing and non-drawing – serves as a metaphor for a particular artistic, emotional and social situation.

The frame for the drawings featured at the exhibition will be provided by the space of the air-raid shelter. Used as the brackets for the presentation, the bunker is not only the background of the narrative, but also its metaphorical element – a dialectical figure of shelter and isolation, safety and oppression, an autonomous microcosm and a besieged fortress. Within its walls, a reflection on drawing emerges, understood as the practice of thinking, inventing and even making things up.

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