Based on a novel by Don DeLillo, the film is a studied treatise on the world in the age of late capitalism. It depicts an atomized society in which drastic social differences render any communication impossible. The main character rides across Manhattan in a white limo in order to get a haircut. In Cronenber’s film, there is practically no reality outside the car, or, to be more specific – any reality outside the car does not count. Eric is a multimillionaire who plays the stock market and lives in an abstract system of digits. He does his best to isolate himself from the street: the limo is soundproof, and all information is provided by blue-lit screens. He also has a bodyguard who protects him from the world outside: warns against gigantic traffic jams due to a president’s visit, saves his life when an assassin attacks him. However, the ride across the city becomes a chronicle of collapse: Eric incorrectly predicts yuan’s exchange rate and loses lots of money belonging to his clients. As his situation worsens, the street enters the car ever more forcefully.
[description: Malwina Grochowska]

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At the turn of August and September we would like to invite you to a series of open-air meetings with cinematography on the roof of Wrocław Contemporary Museum.
Each of the chosen films refers to a different aspect of the “Labor Relations” exhibition, which features works from MWW’s international collection of contemporary art.

Programme of Cinema on the Roof 2016:
► 21 August, 8:30 pm
“Pride”, dir. Matthew Warchus, UK 2014, 120’, distribution: Gutek Film

► 28 August, 8:30 PM
“Cosmopolis”, dir. David Cronenberg, France/ Canada/ Portugal/ Italy 2012, 108′, distribution: Monolith Films

►4 September, 8:00 PM
“Dzień kobiet” (“Women’s Day”), dir. Maria Sadowska, Poland 2012, 90′ distribution: Kino Świat