Maria Sadowska’s first full-length feature film, which took by storm the Cottbus International Film Festival (Grand Prix for the best film showing “a strong woman in the unjust and cruel world”). Inspired by true incidents, this story is compared by critics to “Erin Brockovich” by Steven Soderbergh. Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, known for her roles in comedies, this time puts on one of the most interesting and distinctive performances in Polish cinematography of recent years, showing her new and surprising face of an independent woman who mounts a challenge to a corporation.
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The life of Halina, a single mother who works in the “Motylek” chain of stores, changes when she gets promoted to a store manager. Although the promotion means privileges and a bigger salary, she quickly discovers that the prize she has to pay is very high. When the corporation oversteps all the boundaries, Halina decides to confront it, which leads to brutal repercussions. The owners of the store chain will do anything to hide their dirty secrets.
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At the turn of August and September we would like to invite you to a series of open-air meetings with cinematography on the roof of Wrocław Contemporary Museum.
Each of the chosen films refers to a different aspect of the “Labor Relations” exhibition, which features works from MWW’s international collection of contemporary art.

Programme of Cinema on the Roof 2016:
► 21 August, 8:30 pm
“Pride”, dir. Matthew Warchus, UK 2014, 120’, distribution: Gutek Film

► 28 August, 8:30 PM
“Cosmopolis”, dir. David Cronenberg, France/ Canada/ Portugal/ Italy 2012, 108′, distribution: Monolith Films

►4 September, 8:00 PM
“Dzień kobiet” (“Women’s Day”), dir. Maria Sadowska, Poland 2012, 90′ distribution: Kino Świat