In the cosy interiors of Wrocław Contemporary Museum, the “Shelter” Cinema is running for the second time this winter and spring. This time, the leitmotiv of the four meetings is the different dimensions of claustrophobia and limitations.

We are about to meet for the last time and watch Jerzy Kawalerowicz’s classical film “Baltic Express”. After the screening we will discuss spatial limitations.

The film is an intimate psychological study, a poetic tale of loneliness and a group portrait of Poles in the late 1950s. Two random travelers meet in the sleeping compartment. A subtle game of their emotions – from the initial dislike to futureless intimacy – is shown against the backdrop of a human microcosm enclosed inside the train. In the middle of the way, the lazy rhythm of the journey is broken by the arrival of the militia looking for a murderer… The main characters are played by some of the legends of Polish cinematography: Leon Niemczyk, Lucyna Winnicka, Zbigniew Cybulski.

The film will be the last in the series of four screenings. The viewers have already watched “Return to Ithaca” (dir. Laurent Cantet), “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” (dir. Julian Schnabel) and “The Tribe” (dir. Miroslav Slaboshpitsky), and the invited guests included, respectively, political scientist Leszek Sobkowiak, psychologist Jarosław Klebaniuk, and film critic Adam Kruk. During the April screening, filmologist Robert Dudziński will meet with the viewers.