THE 01 Video Art Review was the first edition of the presentation of video artists from all over the world, where both art students and mature artists had the opportunity to present their works. The Review was not an award competition and not all entered works were presented to the audience. The Jury selected 5 best works to be promoted on THE VIDEO COMMUNITY website.

There were 219 entries from 38 countries sent to the Review, of which 21 selected video pieces make up the main screening. The selection aimed at denoting the most interesting works that in the possibly fullest way depict the whole diversity of video art deriving from different traditions. The main screening features works with elements of performance, formal experiments, essays with feature themes and motion pictures with minimal focus on movement.

Artists and video works in alphabetical order (the majority of artists gave the country of their residence instead of their nationality):

Oliver Benton, United Kingdom, 01:27, “Walk”
Claudia Campus, Italy, 01:31, “Radar”
Simon Coates, United Arab Emirates, 01:30, “Caveat Agnus Dei”
Pawel Dziemian, United Kingdom, 03:15, “Map of the World” (excerpt)
Freddie Fei Wang, United Kingdom, 03:17, “Louvre”
Adam Forrester, USA, 02:02, “Inhumation”
Alexander Isaenko, Yanina Boldyreva, Ukraine, Russia, 07:01, “Duotone”
Philippos Kappa, Greece, 00:38, “D-01”
Gilivanka Kedzior, Barbara Friedman, France, 01:41, “Double Bind”
Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube, Germany, 02:00, “The Wizard of Oz Experiment”
Kristina Paustian, Germany, 02:43, “Forests & Steppe”
Jonas Paz-Benavides, Peru, 02:37, “Une Memoire”
QNQ/AUJIK, Japan, 05:10, “A Forest within a Forest”
Diego Ramirez, Mexico, 04:31, “Polly, Jennifer and Melissa”
Sergio Esteban Romero Lozano, Columbia, 02:49, “Cardumen: Synchronized Swimming”
Jean-Michel Rolland, France, 03:03, “Neons Melody”
Jan Rous, Czech Republic, 04:20, “Cycle 4”
Cristián Tàpies, Chile, 12:10, “Three Modern Haiku”
Toia Bonino, Argentina, 04:35, “The Garden of Delightful”
Juan Pablo Villegas, Mexico, 02:36, “Fe”
András Zalavári, Hungary, 01:00, “Adam and Eve”