On Monday, 5 February at 5 PM, Andrzej Jarosz will lead a tour of Jarosław Grulkowski’s works presented at the exhibition Dice, Clouds, Molecules. The tour will begin on level 0 of the air-raid shelter at Pl. Strzegomski 2a.

Grulkowski’s works cause amazement because what we see are charcoal drawings, whose quality results from years-long practice and mastery of the medium of drawing on paper. Using the simplest materials and means of expression, the artist manages to exceed the limitations imposed by the convention of the genre. Although his work draws upon the principles of the modern disegnio, it gravitates towards painting. Instead of describing the form by means of a line and graphical constructs, he skilfully uses modelling based on chiaroscuro, which transforms shapes into soft and sensual blots; the limited scale of colours is sufficient to create the effect of pictorial harmony. The suggestiveness of shapes “deforming” the smooth surface of paper turns Grulkowski’s drawings into spatial forms in their own right, whose expressiveness bursts the imposed limitations from within.

At the same time, the works are carefully structured and logical. It seems that in spite of their abstract arbitrariness, they respect the universal laws of physics. Drawings making up the series Finding the Order of Things, Cross-section of Cloud Interior or The Secret Life of Molecules could be deemed both autotelic and expressive. The artist creates ambiguous images that escape aesthetic impression and prompt the viewer to look for deeper, more symbolic meaning.

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The tour is free of charge – visit us!