Travel is a subject that is prominently featured in American photography and cinematography. One could even say that this is a very special phenomenon where photography and film are closely intertwined, where one medium refers to the other or one permeates the other. These mutual inspirations will become the leading motif for the tour of Krzysiek Orłowski’s exhibition and an incentive to discover how cinema inspired the individual photographs.

The film walk will also be an opportunity to reflect on whether filmmakers and photographers are ultimately headed in the same direction, where their characteristic visual motifs come from and what determines our perception of the American landscape. There will also be local, Lower Silesian threads, artistic provocations and doubts about the veracity of photography, but also about the idealistic view of travel as a time of beautiful moments and great inspirations.
Agata Ciastoń is an independent curator, teacher and text author, member of the Scientific Society of Photography. She holds a PhD in cultural studies from the University of Wrocław (dissertation titled Photography and Film: A Meeting of the Media). She cooperates with public educational and cultural institutions and publishing houses.
An event accompanying Krzysiek Orłowski’s exhibition North America. More information about the exhibition >>>