Piotr Stasiowski – the curator of the ‘Artificial Fullmoon’ exhibition – will show over the exhibition that presents the collection of Wrocław Lower Silesian Association for the Encouragement of Fine Arts. Dorota Jarecka wrote in Gazeta Wyborcza: “Today the collection of the Lower Silesian Association for the Encouragement of Fine Arts, which has been deposited in the Museum, has found its place in this labyrinth-like building. I’m also impressed by the fact that I discover it piece by piece in this spiral space. That I am getting lost here – one works disappear, the other reappear in another lap. (…) Feminist, critical, political, autotelic art – there are no sharp boundaries, the exhibition’s structure has more to do with a stream of consciousness, as the curator wrote, than with fixed limits of art.” (Gazeta Wyborcza 2 August 2012)

The curator guided tour will not let anyone get lost in the labyrinth of one the most interesting collections of modern art in the country. Come and join us on Sunday afternoons 28.9, 14.10 and 28.10.

The tour will be held in Polish.