On Sunday, 6 October, at 3.00 pm, Andrzej Jarosz – curator of the exhibition, will guide us through the Me and my art are art. Alfons Mazurkiewicz – painter ant teacher.

Alfons Mazurkiewicz was one of the most important figures in Wrocław’s post-war artistic milieu. A participant and laureate of the famous exhibition in the Arsenal, Warsaw (1955), co-creator of the avant-garde X Group and member of the Wrocław School/Group, he is remembered as an original painter and precursor of “Duo-Plasticism”. Mazurkiewicz’s oeuvre deserves a new interpretation of its message. Because it constituted an important point of reference for the neo-avant-garde experiments by the subsequent generations of artists, which proved to be fundamentally important for the local art scene, it is worth subjecting it to a strategy of revaluation and verification according to new criteria. Mazurkiewicz remains an ambiguous figure, full of paradoxes. A great teacher and a brilliant intellectual, he was an artist whose practice eluded both past and contemporary criticism, helpless against the simultaneous anachronism and peculiar topicality of his art.

The current exhibition at MWW initiates a series of small-scale presentations commemorating artists, masters and teachers who left their mark on avant-garde art in Wrocław. The exhibition is accompanied by a monographic album released in 2018 in the Wrocław Artistic Milieu series.

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