On Sunday, 10 December, at 3 PM, Agata Ciastoń i Paweł Bąkowski – curators of the exhibition, will guide us through the „Fotografia Magazine 1953–1974”.

For more than 20 years Fotografia magazine simultaneously shaped and commented on the artistic and amateur photographic life in Poland. The collection of the magazines forms a narrative that could be read in a linear way, gradually discovering the subsequent milestones in Polish and global photography, or non-linearly, following individual paths and focusing on selected aims, e.g. to reconstruct the history of technological progress on the basis of texts about equipment and photographic techniques, trace the changing theoretical discourse on photography, focus exclusively on documentary or artistic photography, or use the publication to study social and cultural transformations or even aesthetic canons (by observing the evolution of the magazine’s layout).

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Entry to the exhibition tour is free. We look forward to welcoming you!