On Sunday, 29 September, at 3.00 pm, Marek Śnieciński – curator of the exhibition, will guide us through the Unjustified violence and other afflictions of the contemporary woorld.

The exhibition entitled Unjustified violence presents the works by ten artists employing diverse artistic techniques and resorting to various aesthetic codes and stylistic solutions. The exhibition is yet another attempt to exploit an important thematic area offered by the works constituting Zachęta’s collection. The authors of exhibited works comment on various phenomena and aspects of contemporary culture, and – resorting to an array of means of expression, styles and aesthetic formulae – diagnose our age, thus making their contribution to the ongoing dispute.

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Entry to the exhibition tour is free. We look forward to welcoming you!
The event accompanies the exhibition Unjustified violence and other afflictions of the contemporary world.

The exhibition is public task which is co-financed with funds received from the Municipality of Wrocław. The project has been co-financed by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the resources of Fund for the Promotion of Culture.