On Sunday, 26 February, at 3 PM, Eulalia Domanowska – curator of the exhibition and head of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, will guide us through the exhibition „Tony Cragg. Sculpture”.

A variety of forms and a willingness to experiment are combined in Cragg’s art with utmost precision. He once said that “The future of sculpture has only just begun. Its potential is greater now than ever before, and its possibilities are just starting. Its language and its forms are just beginning to evolve” [“Tony Cragg: In and Out of Material”, interview by Jon Wood].

At a time when the notion of sculpture has been broadened to include readymades, installations and virtual sculptures, Tony Cragg consistently promotes its classical understanding. In spite of the development of science and technology and the transformations in the practice and theory of art, Cragg has succeeded in bringing to the fore the important role of sculpture without sounding like a guardian of a dying tradition.

He is commonly viewed as a master of material. His works delight with their organic, dynamically meandering forms and intriguing titles. They are situated between abstract and figurative art.

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Entry to the exhibition tour is free. We look forward to welcoming you!