On Thursday, 30 November, at 6 PM, Anna Kołodziejczyk – curator of the exhibition, will guide us through the „Concrete Wroclaw. Works from the collection of the Zachęta Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts”.

The exhibition entitled Concrete Wrocław features a selection of works belonging to the collection of the Zachęta Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts, which have become part and parcel of Polish contemporary art. They illustrate a number of phenomena that emerged in the context of Wrocław art, whose origins draw upon the complex history of Lower Silesia and its capital.

Although the works chosen for presentation at MWW illustrate different attitudes and forms, all of them share one specific aspect – a tinge of intellectual art that was unique to Wrocław, which ordered and highlighted different phenomena in order to stimulate the mental faculties of the audience and provide them with an opportunity to experience aesthetic sensations.

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Entry to the exhibition tour is free. We look forward to welcoming you!