cancelled / Curator-led tour of the "Natural Resources" exhibition

Od 25.10.2020 do 25.10.2020

On Sunday, 25 October at 3 pm, curator Daniela Tagowska will lead a tour of the Natural Resources. Works from the Collection of the Zachęta Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts exhibition.     Limited number of participants. Registration is required (untli 23.10) via the application form >>>

During the meeting, the rules resulting from the pandemic apply >>>     The exhibition entitled Natural Resources presents selected works from the collection of the Zachęta Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts. The latest acquisitions are shown alongside over a dozen works of art selected from this extensive collection. The starting point for the development of the exhibition concept was the notion of a collection approached as a common resource.

The exhibition has been conceived in such a way that the raw space of the air-raid shelter becomes a safe refuge. The minimalist background facilitates concentration, and the context of resources suggests a reflection on the tendency to transform minimalism into essentialism. The latter does not refer to the philosophical trend of the same name, but to an attitude according to which instead of recklessly discarding things, matters and resources, they are carefully selected and preserved. Appreciation and affirmative gratitude for having supportive relatives or a roof over one’s head (preferably with a small balcony or garden) are no longer just catchphrases thrown around during self-development workshops, but a way to live a wise life in an unstable world of multiple orders, which many people adopt without cynicism. Capitalism must come to terms with the challenges posed by the new humanism, which not only emphasises the human capital, but also empowers the natural resources as important elements of the planetary biosystem in their own right. Never before in history has social responsibility depended so crucially on individuals, whose collective change of habits and liberation from the law of demand can bring about real change.     ***     The purchase of works for the collection of the Zachęta Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts was co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund

Public task entitled “Continuation of the creation of a regional collection of contemporary art in Wrocław in 2018–2020” is co-financed from the funds received from the Municipality of Wrocław

cancelled / Curator-led tour of the

Exhibition view, photo by Małgorzata Kujda

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