Wrocław Contemporary Museum invites you to a guided tour of the exhibition Polish Hospitality in English.

Legendary Polish hospitality – a manifestation of noblemen’s honour, sharing hearth and home with every traveller, leaving a chair empty at the Christmas table; the joy of hosting a newcomer, the culture of feasting together, readiness to help the needy, often associated with the fabled freedom of religion and acceptance of religious minorities.

What is left of this hospitality today? What test has it been put to? In recent years, we have had numerous occasions to verify what we like to see as our national trait – against refugees, ethnic minorities, people with different sexual orientations or otherwise excluded.

The artists invited to MWW confront the myth of Polish hospitality with the current state of affairs. Has Polish hospitality become an empty slogan? A promise without cover?
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Tour led by: Bogna Piter
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