Visual perception has two components, one is light that hits something in space or passes through the environment, then hits an object that partly reflects it, partly absorbs it. The concept of light is what determines the art of Jan Chwałczyk. What is human vision and how can one construct objects that reflect light and create an illusion of colours that are not really there? We will converse about these and more topics on our tour guide.

As light travels through space and time, we will travel to our next spot – Callart 2 – The overview effect, where we will talk about the phenomenon of astronauts feeling the concern for earth, its strangeness, its insygnia, while looking at it from space. Maybe art can have a similar effect on people?

Uncover the ideas and concepts of our collections with a tour guide, where both visual and intellectual stimuli will help you discover and understand contemporary polish art.




Alicja Mazukiewicz – education and culture department of MWW, art historian, student of University of Wrocław, fascinated by japanese woodblock printing and classical literature