Why is the bunker now being called the shelter? What memories connected to the shelter have its neighbours? What for do the inhabitants of Wrocław need the Museum devoted to the modern art? Why is the Museum located in a shelter?  Is art bunkered in the shelter? How do the exhibition-keeper and the security guard working in the Wrocław Contemporary Museum (MWW) feel in a building with no windows? These and other questions will be answered by the authors of the report “The narratives about a shelter/concrete”: Bartek Lis, a sociologist, the curator of research program of MWW and Anna Wiatr, a sociologist, founder of Qualitative Research Centre IN VIVO.
During the report presentation, its authors will explain the aims and rules of the research conducted in summer and early autumn, and they will talk about some of its threads. There will be among them stories connected to the concrete, childhood, architecture and modern art. The epilogue will also be the invitation to read the report, which, will be available in PDF on the Wrocław Contemporary Museum website after the presentation.