For those who can hear, silence is an unnatural state. While still in the womb we hear mother’s heartbeat, the swoosh of blood, muted sounds from the outside. For deaf people, there is no state other than absolute silence. It could seem that spending time in their company is therefore soundless, too. You couldn’t be more wrong. Their facial expressions, gestures, movements of hands and the whole body, smacking noises, laughter or beating of one hand against the other. The Silent Meal prepared by the Deaf breaks silence into microsounds making up a peculiar melody that invites us to cross the boundary between the two worlds and overcome language barriers that we are sometimes ignorant of. You can look, you can eat. We will be far away but close.

On 20 September deaf people belonging to the “Hope” Wrocław Association of Deaf People will sit at the MWW table and create a living picture of the world of silence. The meal will be prepared by the masters of surprise of the Food Think Tank Lab, who are known for many interesting events and eccentric culinary experiments combining thinking with eating, such as Water and Earth, The Four Elements, or the film entitled “The Root.”

Those of you who decide to visit the museum and join us at the table will become co-creators of the living picture. In order to better feel the atmosphere, everybody will be given earplugs and the assistance of sign language interpreters Katarzyna Radzińska and Karol Miernowski.

Hanna Janczak – the instigator and coordinator of the event, mother, poet, Wrocław dweller.

The project is carried out by the Umbrella Foundation for the Support of Non-governmental Organisations and co-financed as a public task by the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund at the request of the Social Welfare Centre in Wrocław.