The door phone. A study of reception is a sound installation in public space, which is based on recordings of stories told by migrants in Wrocław.

At a time when a discussion is being held about who should be allowed to live near us, on what conditions, if at all, it is worth realising that most of us have come here from somewhere. An indispensable part of this process is finding a place to live, becoming familiar with the surroundings and looking for ways that will make it possible for us to reach the destination.

In The door phone project, migrants talk about this very phenomenon. The interviewees include both those who settled down in Wrocław after WWII as well as most recent newcomers. Their stories about their relations with the city constitute the basis of a sound installation that will be shown in the public space in March, 2016. The process of working on the installation is its active, animation-focused part.

During the meeting we would like to talk about the role of oral story as a research method, various other methods of creating history, deriving inspiration from the study of everyday life in the social and artistic practice, and the participants’ perspective. The moment of registering the traces left by us constitutes the history of places and communities that we belong to.

The door phone. A study of reception is a project intended to create a place for reception. It is an attempt to discover the point of view of those for whom Wrocław is not the first place of life.

The project is carried out thanks to a 2015 scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.