Is there job for young people in the creative and culture department?

We invite all those who are creative and, what’s important, actively thinking about their future, who look for a job or would like to give their activities some new meaning to take part in the discussion.
During the meeting we will be talking about the creative and culture department: what does this term mean, and is there a real chance that
the new work places created within the scope of this department will, in fact, cause the decrease of the unemployment rate? We will talk about “how it is done” in the UK, as well as hear about a specific
idea about establishing a “Creative co-OPERATIVE SOCIETY”, the idea which was introduced in the scope of the Future City Jobs project. The presentation of the idea of social economy as well as the matters related to social co-operativeness and the use of them by individuals seeking employment will complete our discussion.

The debate will be the first from the cycle of three debates during which we will be discussing (and drawing to practical conclusions of!)
the situation of artists, creators, craftsmen, and all those working in the field of culture, in the broad sense, on the market. The hardship of and related to self-employment, temporary employment contracts, health care insurance, and superannuation – all this will be discussed.

We are planning on organizing another meeting held at the Wrocław Contemporary Museum shortly after the first one which, although open for
everyone, will be more workshop-like. We are hoping that there will be formed, after the first Habeas Meeting, a group of individuals who
will have the eagerness to make the idea introduced during the discussion come true.

We invite you to come!