A year ago we organized in The Wrocław Contemporary Museum a cycle of three discussions. We were analyzing opportunities for “young” people to find employment in the so called creative sector which includes services like designing, art, photography, pattern-designing, etc. We were first to present to a wider audience the idea of multiple social cooperative. We are utterly content that the PANATO idea (at that time we didn’t have a name for it) had its opening in the summer last year and since that moment it has been effectively implemented in our city. Some of the cooperative members met each other for the first time during the meetings in The Wrocław Contemporary Museum.

Now, one year after the debates, we would like to meet the creators of PANATO and ask them about their experiences with their cooperative activities, talk about their successes and failures. We will also have possibility to hear about the most interesting projects carried out by the young cooperative members.

We would like also to invite everyone who is interested in cooperation with PANATO.