European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 invites you to the first meeting in the “Immigrated Pieces” series, held under the A-i-R Wro Artist-in-Residence Programme.
Enrico Floriddia is interested in the interdisciplinary conception of memory, cultural capital, transition of ideas and their existence in the collective memory of social (including national) groups. Defining reality through object analysis, determining their genesis and tracking their movement throughout history has for some time constituted an important and fast-developing area of research in contemporary humanities, including sociology.
In the presentation inaugurating the series of three meetings, the artist will acquaint the Polish audience with the framework of his project. We will talk about things that are simple but crucial for the future, process-based construction of the narrative. Enrico will invite us to discuss selected objects (sacred artworks and architectural pieces) in order to find out what they mean to us. What is their history, uses, functions? Probably it will be impossible to answer many of the questions, but the discussion itself will assume the character of a creative experiment. It may be a moment when some meanings and definition will only start to appear. It is hard to expect Wrocław dwellers to have detailed knowledge about objects that are not necessarily present in their awareness. For this reason, learning about them will become the starting point for future work on memory (individual or collective), for reflecting on the functioning of institutions whose task is to archive, restore and manage memory, and on the instruments used by them. Museums are examples of places that function in the sphere of memory, look after (re)gained items, and educate people about past times and ideas through material objects.
The first meeting with Enrico Floriddia at Wrocław Contemporary Museum is therefore an invitation for the audience to do an experiment together with the artist. By contrasting ideas and tracking the history of objects and people in the course of history, we may arrive at more universal meanings.
The second meeting will assume the character of a more structured workshop with the audience, whose plan (including the subjects, threads, and concrete methods to be used during it) will emerge after the prologue. It will be prepared by the artist in close cooperation with the coordinator of the residence programme.
The experience and knowledge gained this autumn will also be summarised at Wrocław Contemporary Museum. We are planning one more meeting with the general public in order to talk about the artist’s entire sojourn in Wrocław and Lower Silesia. Following the formula of an artist talk, we will also learn about similar projects and discover other aspects of Enrico Floriddia’s practice.
The project is part of a series of artist residencies held within the A-i-R Wro Artist-in-Residence Programme of European Captial of Culture Wrocław 2016.
The A-i-R Wro Artist-in-Residence Programme is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.