5:00 – 6:00 PM
„A human being against a machine?” – a presentation of the 2280 system and a discussion on human struggle against artificial intelligence in science –fiction

Damazy ‘Dibbler’ Podsiadło, Paweł ‘Pawlak’ Ługowski

Science fiction is full of worse-case scenarios predicting inevitable conflict between a human being and artificial intelligence. Creating an electronic intelligent being – does it really mean the end of the mankind? Complicated relations of the synthetic and the biological in the 2280 world will be used as the introduction to a discussion on relations of mankind and A.I in science fiction.

6:00 – 6:30 PM
„Brotherhood as the next step in post-apocalyptic fascination” – a presentation of a post-apocalyptic  brotherhood  The Order of Sacred Fire

Michał ‘Havoc’ Niespodziewany

Many of us are interested in the post-apocalyptic subject, therefore we take part in LARP, play computer games set in this world or watch films and read books. We have asked a question “what else is there?”, what can we do more and how to make the interest in the post-apocalyptic an integral part of our everyday life? Thanks to a brief review of ideas which stand for The Order of Sacred Fire we will try to present our own vision.

6:30 – 7:30
„In the imagination and in the space” – a discussion on Polish LARP fandom

Paweł ‘Pawlak’ Ługowski

After the presentation of The Order of Sacred Fire we will continue with a discussion on current condition of Polish LARP scene and vision of its future.

7:00 – 8:00
„PostApocalipsis cum Figuris.” – a presentation of FreeLab and a discussion on non-system life

Petros at FreeLab

#FreeLab is a completely non-institutional technological initiative for alternative communities. What does it mean? A co-founder of the project Petros will present his own vision of freedom laboratory and will explain its implementation in the real life. It will make an introduction for a discussion on different initiatives such as this one and everyday non-system life’.