We would like to invite you to an information meeting concerning the second call for applications within the ECoC 2016 microGRANTS programme.

Our idea assumes the inclusion of the inhabitants of Wrocław in co-creating European Capital of Culture 2016 by co-organising and promoting grassroots social initiatives. This year’s leitmotif is the slogan that enabled Wrocław to win the ECoC competition – “Spaces for Beauty”. All the submissions must refer to the slogan and develop it in a creative way.

The second call for applications begins on 1 April. The ECoC Bureau supports ideas/initiatives with a budget of max. PLN 5,000. The best ideas will be selected by an independent commission and public internet vote. The competition is open to everybody – individuals as well as formal and informal groups may apply to the ECoC Bureau for funds to implement their ideas.

More information can be found on our website wroclaw2016.pl/mikrogranty/ and www.facebook.com/mikrogranty.