We would like to invite you to a printing-artistic journey with the newest issue of the Rita Baum quarterly.

This time, it will all be about a book-object. Each of our guests will be given an opportunity to make their own, unique versions of the magazine. With the assistance of artists from Wrocław – Andrzej Dudek-Dürer, Julita Gielzak, Patrycja Mastej and Jacek Zachodny, we will find out how the extraordinary illustrations and other special constructions in books are made. During the open workshop, we will look at what inspires the artists and examine the creative process characterising their different approaches.

There will also be a competition: you could win still hot (straight from the printing house!) issues of Rit-objects! What is more, each issue will be numbered (there will be only those most desired, lowest numbers), and each winner will receive an object signed by the artists. So don’t hesitate – you can receive unique originals worth their weight in gold!

A nice atmosphere at the meeting will be guaranteed by music: Zbigniew Kozera, electronics and the double bass.