As part of the Openings programme, carried out in 2021 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Land of Zgorzelec Open-air Festival, three three-week residencies will be organised in Opolno-Zdrój. The invited artists are: Wiktoria Kruk, the duo Kinga Bartniak and Iwona Ogrodzka, and Natalia Komorowska. Each residency will be held on a different date and projects will be developed throughout its duration. Below we present a short description of Wiktoria Kruk’s concept. Visit our sites, and in the coming months to find out how the projects are changing and developing.
Wiktoria Kruk
7–28 June 2021
Social Justice

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The project involves the creation of an interactive art installation in Opolno-Zdrój. The arms of the minimalist and austere structure, built to resemble a balance scale, will carry coal on one side, and on the other – pots with seedlings of various honey plants prepared by the residents during the workshops. The entire structure will have the character of a monument-symbol, which will be additionally adapted to care for the plants. After the end of the residency, it will remain relevant as a reminder about the need to look for a balance between industry and nature, between the individual and the systemic.

Wiktoria Kruk is a third-year student of graphics at the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. She works at the intersection of different media, intuitively and quickly. She has organised non-governmental artistic events gathering lovers of unsophisticated art. In 2020, she opened the Gnuj Gallery in her own garden. In the same year, she established the You and Me collective with Ania Kacprzak. She participated in the Digital Confrontations exhibition that accompanied the national Digital Graphics Conference in Gdańsk. Recipient of the scholarship of the Rector of the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław for outstanding artistic achievements, winner of the photo competition Show Yourself at the CSW 2021, participant in exhibitions, including You Must Always Be Careful (Resman Gallery in Rzeszów) and INTROSPECTIONS (as a You and Me collective, MD_S Contemporary Art Gallery in Wrocław).
Visual identification of the Openings programme:
Karolina Pietrzyk