It is another gathering of Cohabitat, a local group that has been developing in Wrocław for some
time now. As always, the aim of the gathering is to learn from each other and share experiences in
areas such as co-housing, independent artisans movement, gardening, sustainable development,
urban guerilla, architecture, energy self-reliance, grassroots entrepreneurship, settlement, sharing
economy, natural construction, healthy lifestyle, and others.

This time, it is community-supported agriculture (CSA) and food cooperatives that will enjoy the
spotlight. Among our special guests there will be:

– Marcin Maserak, the initiator of the Wrocław CSA movement and founder of the newest food
cooperative in our city,

– Piotr Trzaskowski, the founder of the Warsaw-based CSA group Świerże Panki and author of a guide
to CSAs []. He will join us by Skype,

– Piotr Mazepa, a founder of a non-existent Wrocław food cooperative, member of the Zeitgeist
movement and co-founder of Bardo, an eco-settlement.

More about Community Supported Agriculture: