What do the artists want to share with the audience?
What can the audience give the artists?

The gift exchange was an opportunity to share your own work with a selected person. The artists brought their gifts for the audience and a member of the audience presented the artists with theirs. In the course of the evening, the exchanged objects formed a “live” exhibition, which shape depended both on the artists and the public.

The gifts were either big or small, funny or nostalgic, they included peculiarities of all sorts, made or found, surprising in some different way. These objects were both created specially for this occasion as well as gems plucked from a scrap heap. What counted was the idea and imagination of the participants. A history of the object and the story about its sentimental significance had an important impact on its value.

Gifts from the audience, chosen by the artists were on display to 25.9.11 at the Wrocław Contemporary Museum, while the artists’ gifts went directly into the hands of their recipients.

The project was carried out within the framework of the Museum Curatorial Studies at the Jagiellonian University under supervision of Marta Tarabuła.

We cordially thank the artists and the audience for their participation in the action, the Teatr Polski in Wrocław for the kind loan of the props, Małgorzata Miśniakiewicz and Michał Stefani for their help with arranging the exhibition.

The gallery of Artists gifts