Anthropocentrism as a reproduction of the domination of homo sapiens over other species. Patriarchy as a reproduction of the power of one sex over others. Culture as a reproduction of practices and knowledge that justify and normalise exploitation and power. Capitalism as a reproduction of the exploitation of animals, including humans, and nature, exploitation of the many by the few. It perpetuates a system which, like a plague, brings the network of the reproduction of life to the brink of a climate, environmental and social catastrophe. It sabotages the imagination (“it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism”), replacing it with a coarse set of duplicated clichés. It is here that defence mechanisms are reproduced; their role, however, is not to protect but the teach us to turn a blind eye to the difficult and unpleasant. And this is where we are – those who do not want, or are afraid, to reproduce life, if only because the reproduction rights and obligations are unevenly distributed. In such a cursed scenery, Aneta Osuch will lead a subjective tour of the Cursed exhibition, in which the category of reproduction will become the key to interpretation.

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Aneta Osuch has graduated in Philosophy from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Wrocław, she has also studied Psychology (SWPS University). As an educator at EkoCentrum Wrocław, she teaches global education, anti-discrimination education, responsible consumption, knowledge about the climate emergency, human and animal rights. She is primarily interested in economic inequalities, class discourse and power.