How did Wrocław’s new urban structure emerge from the ruins of World War II? What did the artists preparing for the Wrocław ‘70 Visual Arts Symposium saw when they were touring the city in 1970? Which locations did they choose for their projects? During the series of city tours “Framework to Fill,” we will recall the historical and social context in which post-war architecture was created in Wrocław – the city-frame for the symposium projects.
Tour dates:

— Guided tour of Przedmieście Świdnickie

Tour guides:
Michał Duda
Agata Iżykowska-Uszczyk
Iwona Kałuża

19.09.20, 11 a.m.–1.30 p.m.
start: Wrocław Railway Station, main entrance

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— Guided tour of southern Wrocław*

Tour guides:
Joanna Majczyk
Agata Iżykowska-Uszczyk

10.10.20, 11 a.m.–1.30 p.m.
start: Thespian model, pl. Powstańców Śląskich 1/3

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* partner event of MIASTOmovie 8: Big Plans
— Guided tours of Plac Grunwaldzki

Tour guides:
Łukasz Wojciechowski
Agata Iżykowska-Uszczyk

— Wrocław Contemporary Museum
— Ładne Historie Foundation
— Wrocław 70/20 Symposium

— MIASTOmovie
— SIC BWA Wrocław
— Museum of Architecture in Wrocław
— Fandom
— Community Council of the Przedmieście Świdnickie Housing Estate
— Community Council of the Powstańców Śląskich Housing Estate

Co-financed by:
— Wrocław The Meeting Place
— Symposium 70/20. Programme of educational activities marking the 50th anniversary of the Wrocław ‘70 Visual Arts Symposium. Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund.