What I try to do is to decipher exhibitions using the language that I know best – the language of sociology. Art is a text just like a poem or an interview. During the tour I will direct your attention to those questions and social issues that became central to the Ewa Axelrad. I am looking forward to having a discussion with you!
/Bartek Lis – MWW public programme curator, holds a PhD in Sociology/

The exhibition is prepared at a time of growing nationalistic tendencies all over the world, which results in acts of aggression, both random and organised by the police or paramilitary groups. The project highlights a terrifying continuity between current affairs and violence, which has accompanied humankind since time immemorial, hidden behind masks, armour or shields. The ambiguous character of the works – which never make it clear who the subject is, who wore the vest pierced by bullets, who is waving the flag, who the men embracing each other are – emphasises the unsettling universalism of violence on both sides of the street barricade.
/Sylwia Serafinowicz – curator of the exhibition/